1. Rose Water: Out of any travel tip I can give this would be #1. Carry rose water in your carry-on bag and periodically spray it on your face throughout the flight. It will keep your face hydrated and it is a great instant refresher. My favorite is the Mario Badescu. We all know how dirty planes are so this limits having to touch your face to apply a moisturizer.
2. Cross body bag: A cross body bag is essential when traveling. Throw one in your larger carry on bag, make sure it is a neutral color so it matches with every outfit. They keep your hands free and all important belongings secure to your body. A cult blogger favorite is the Chanel WOC (wallet on chain). Some more alternative options are the Gucci disco bag or a Tory Burch cross body.
3. Scarf: A scarf is the perfect travel accessory. Not only does it provide warmth on those chilly flights but it also adds extra dimension to any outfit. I prefer a thicker material so it can double as a blanket or even a pillow.
Pro tip: Wear your heaviest clothes on the plane to save space and weight in your bag. My favorite travel piece is a coat by H&M. It is easy to dress up or down. To look more ‘travel chic’ layer on a leather jacket instead.

Rose Water

Tory Burch cross body

Gucci cross body

H&M coat




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