TOP FIVE: High End Sunglasses

This past year I took the plunge and invested in a pair of designer sunglasses, the Tom Ford Anoushka. It was hard to swallow the expensive price tag, but the cost per wear I have gotten so far has justified the purchase. A pair of sunglasses gives a little extra to every outfit. Below are my top five favorite for the up coming summer season: 

Tom Ford Anoushka
Ray Ban: Round
Mui Mui
Gentle Monster

2 thoughts on “TOP FIVE: High End Sunglasses

  1. I’d love to own some high end sunglasses. But I have the worst luck with sunglasses. They either break or I lose them. I’m still mad about the Panama Jack sunglasses I bought in California in 89 and then lost the following summer at Cedar Point. 😂

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    1. It took me awhile to splurge on a pair for that reason! My mom had the Tom Ford pair I bought and I kept borrowing them, I loved them so much I had to get my own pair! If your ever in the market again for a nice pair check out Solstice they have some good promotions throughout the year.


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