Dainty Gold Jewelry

While statement jewelry can make a great addition to an outfit, there’s something so classic and timeless about dainty gold pieces. Delicate accessories look awesome on their own and also stacked and layered for a more elevated look. I personally love the look of a simple choker and a few slightly longer necklaces with pendants, I have been wearing mine on repeat!

I’ve picked out a handful of dainty pieces that I already own or are on my wishlist.

Forever 21 Coin Necklace

Forever 21 Choker

H&M Circle Pendant

Miranda Frye Bar Necklace

Miranda Frye Coin Pendant

Miranda Frye Wave Pendant

Bauble Bar Y Chain

Argento Vivo Bracelet

Argento Vivo Hoop Earrings

Argento Vivo Circle Necklace


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