Winter Skincare

Winter: the season of drier weather& harsh winds bringing that wonderful gift of dull, dehydrated skin. How do we combat the less than ideal climate changes to get back to that desired glowing skin? A new skincare routine, adding more frequent exfoliation and moisture moisture moisture. I have sensitive skin that is more on the oily/combination side so when it comes to skincare I look for something gentle and hydrating, especially in the cooler weather. With the right products and beauty tips, you can help to keep your skin stay moisturized and looking its best throughout these winter months.

I try to keep my routine fairly simple no cleansing oils, fancy serums all they do is irritate my skin. My skin reacts better to ‘less is more.’ I alternate between two face cleaners and mix up my moisturizers depending on how much hydration I need. Exfoliation should be part of everyone’s skincare routine, at least once a week. I also love a good face mask every now and then!

Step 1: Cleanser: PurityToo Cool For School (This brand is one of my favorites)

Step 2: Micellar Water: Simple Micellar WaterBioderma

Step 3: Moisturizer: Too Cool For SchoolKiehlsSunday RileyEmbryolisse

Step 4: Eye cream: Kiehls

Extra Steps When Needed:

Exfoliator: Freeman (This is hands down my favorite & super affordable!)

Masks: Too Cool For School & Farmacy

Everything (literally) : Egyptian Magic

If you have any product recommendations leave them in the comments below, I’d love to try them out!



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