Skincare: Where To Start?

There’s so many skincare products on the market it’s overwhelming, at least to me. Walking into Sephora there’s endless moisturizer, cleanser and serum options. Where do you start? With companies now sending out so many products for free or paid reviews I find it even harder to use reviews as a guide so I’ve rounded up a few products I’ve been using for years. This is not a paid review, sponsored or gifted, everything I’ve purchased with my own money and is 100% tested and my opinion.

1. Philosophy Cleanser: I’ve mentioned this product before. It melts off any make up and is a non drying cleanser that I always come back to. Definitely a holy grail.

2. Youth To The People Kale Spinach Moisturizer: I have very very sensitive skin so I’ve been trying to incorporate more natural products. I got this at Anthropology during the 30% off sale (this is more on the pricey side). It’s vegan, very light weight but still hydrating.3. Too Cool For School Egg Moisturizer: Another product I have repurchased over and over. It’s a more affordable option and really keeps my skin moisturized without clogging my pores. I love this brand in general.

4. Sunday Riley Tidal Moisturizer : My skin tends to react well to more ‘gel’ like moisturizers rather than thicker based formulas. This is another light yet still hydrating product (another 30% off purchase during Anthropology’s sale).

5. Kheils Avocado Eye Cream : I have pretty dry under eyes and I find it hard to find a product that really moisturizes. After trying so many different brands, this eye cream remains at the top of my list. If you have any eye cream recommendations let me know!Hopefully this helps anyone who gets as overwhelmed in the beauty aisle as I do! What are some of your go to skincare products?


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Previous Skin Care Post




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