What To Wear At Home (Quarantine Edition)

Under the current circumstances, I think it’s safe to assume most are working from home and avoiding leaving the house. An important daily tip is change out of what you slept in! During this time I’m sure many are opting to stay in more comfortable attire (I’m taking full advantage!) which has made me realize I need to expand my lounge wear wardrobe. Everyone has those sweatpants that are purely ‘at home sweatpants’…I’m talking the kind that can also leave the house whether it’s to run errands or brunching with friends (whenever that will be). The increased popularity in athleisure makes it an easy transition to go from the couch to being out and about without having to get changed.


H&M Joggers

Zara Joggers

Urban Outfitters Joggers

Nike Sweats

Urban Outfitters Tie Dye Joggers & Urban Outfitters Tie Dye Hoodie (Love a matching set)


Zara Joggers (As ‘Fancy’ as it gets)


Alo Crop Top

Urban Outfitters Sweatshirt

H&M Sweatshirt

H&M One Shoulder Sweatshirt

Some Inspo:

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