Things I’ve loved this Week

FitVine: Chardonnay

I’m always looking for good wine recommendations. I usually prefer red but have been trying out whites recently. I came across this brand and thought I would share incase anyone was looking for a good, healthier white.


The packaging caught my eye when I was grocery shopping so I decided to try and was pleasantly surprised. It’s a great alternative to soda or juice.

Trader Joe’s (All things Maple)

I used to actually hate maple, after years of avoiding it I decided to give it another try. I’m hooked and making up for lost time.

Maple Streusel Bread

Maple Butter

Maple Coffee

Maple Oat Milk

Kate Somerville face wash

Within the last few months I’ve been trying a few Kate Somerville products and have been loving them. The Eradikate facewash has been one of my new favorites and will definitely be a repurchase.

Target pillow cover

A fun little decorative piece, super affordable!

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