Los Angeles Burger Review

Los Angeles is known for healthier options, filled with juice bars, organic everything and salad after salad. But being a huge burger and fries fan, I naturally have to hunt down the best. It goes without saying that fries are a necessity with every burger order.

West Hollywood: I spend the most time in this area so I have eaten my way through a ton of burger options:

Carney’s 10/10

This is located on the iconic Sunset Boulevard in a train car, the outside seating is a good people watching spot also. The employees are so friendly and the food is very reasonably priced and delicious. I always get the burger (no chili) and train wreck fries, it’s similar to In n out. This is my go to spot when I’m in the mood for a good burger.

Delilah 10/10

This is one of my favorite spots to grab a burger, one of my favorite restaurants in general. The atmosphere alone is 10/10, the drinks are amazing. The burger and fries are a large portion and delicious.

Petite Trois 9/10

This is a French restaurant that has an Instagram famous burger called the Big Mec that made my mouth water. I finally got a reservation and was able to try, it did not disappoint! You’ll need about 5 napkins because this is huge and messy. The wine and fries were also amazing.

(Unfortunately I got to excited and forgot to take a picture)

Employees Only 9.5/10

I got the double wagyu burger, I liked this way more than expected! It is a more random place for a burger but they know what they’re doing.

(Also was hungry this night and dove in before taking a picture)

Dialog Cafe 9.3/10

This burger is unique, there’s a spicy sauce on it that takes a basic burger to the next level. Only thing missing is fries! The chips it comes with a pretty good. This is a cafe I would frequent quite often, I used to live down the street. I would highly recommend this spot overall!

Fat Sals 8/10

I got the cheeseburger burger with Fat Sals sauce and fries. It was a standard good burger and fries nothing stood out to much.

Mels Drive In 8/10

I got the smash burger, another good burger and fries but nothing that stood out to much.

Montys Good Burger 7.8/10

On my burger tour of LA, it only seemed fitting to add in a vegan option. If no one told me this was vegan I wouldn’t question it. I also got the vegan “animal fries” they were good. With that being said the food was good, but to me was not worth the price.

Other areas:

Hi Ho Cheeseburger: Santa Monica 9.8/10

Apparently I have a thing for wagyu beef. This was on of the first I tried and it melts in your mouth. Highly recommend!

Good People Coffee Co: Santa Monica 9.3/10

A coffee shop that serves burgers? On top of that the burger is called the Fckn Good Burger…I had to give it a try. The burger is on the smaller side but packed full of flavor, the sauce was 10/10. I’d recommend getting a double! The patties are on the smaller side.

Original Tommy’s: Los Feliz 7/10

I received this as a recommendation numerous times and finally tried and I have to say it was just your average cheeseburger and fries. I’d chose In n out over this in my honest opinion.

If you have any burger recommendations, please let me know! 

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