LA Travel Guide

This past week I decided to escape the East Coast winter for a few days and head to the 85° and sunny LA ‘winter’ weather. Attractions 1. Hollywood sign: One of LA’s most iconic attractions. If you want to get in some exercise while enjoying beautiful views I highly recommend hiking behind the sign in … More LA Travel Guide

Winter Whites

With the early sunsets and chilly temperatures, it feels like winter has officially arrived. My winter uniform usually consists of head to toe black, but this season winter white outfits have taken over. There is nothing like a crisp white outfit to break up the usually dark winter looks. If you’re not a fan of … More Winter Whites

Classic Neutrals

I have always been partial to neutrals. In fact, it’s safe to say half of my closet consist of creams, grays and black. Neutrals can get a reputation of being ‘boring’ but I think they are always timeless and classic. Accessories such as bags, scarves or a killer pair of shoes can be added to … More Classic Neutrals