Designer Pieces Worth The Splurge 

The top designer pieces I would recommend to add to your wardrobe would be:

1. Neutral color handbag 

Black Chanel

2. Classic belt 


3. Sunglasses 

Tom Ford 

I definitely do no have much of a disposable income to spend on high end items so when investing in designer pieces I stay away from trends. I go for more classic items I know can be worn with multiple outfits and will not go out of style.

I bought my Hermes belt while in France and saved hundreds, I highly recommend buying any designer pieces in Europe if you get a chance, you will save a ton! The belt is reversible, one side is black the other is brown making it more versatile and justifiable for the price tag…at least that’s what I tell myself 😉 

If you follow my instagram:  _alexaschmitz you’d see in 99.9% of my pictures I am wearing my Tom Ford Anoushka sunglasses, to say I’m obsessed is an under statement. I bought them in the beginning of this year at Solstice and they have been glued to my face since. Solstice has great sales on designer glasses so keep an eye out! 

The last designer item I would recommend is a neutral color handbag. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts I wear basic outfits and elevate my look through accessories. I’ll throw on a $10 top from Zara with my Chanel bag and it instantly makes the look more polished and put together. When it comes to Chanel their classic bags come at a much higher price so I opt for the seasonal pieces that give a smiliar look to the classic bags. 

4 thoughts on “Designer Pieces Worth The Splurge 

  1. Sunglasses is the way to go to incorporate a designer brand into your style. I have bad luck with sunnies though (I always lose them or they break), so I just get knockoffs that I pay no more than $15 for.

    But I own several Coach bags and love them.


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